• Image of Gentlemen – Night Reels I <h3>wow006</h3>

Track listing is :
1. Late Natch
2. Sailor (of the cosmic ark)
3. Children of the Setting Sun
4. Duke Oddity

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“Late Nacht's moody glowering and sense of despondency fits perfectly with the video's tale of post­pub dinginess.“ The Guardian
“The psych pop of “Children of the Sun” is nicely galvanized by a neat set of hooks that buoy each of the song’s major sections (incl. an intensely catchy refrain that’s next to impossible not to get caught in your head “We are not the dreamers, we are not the dream that turns you on..,etc etc”” BlahBlahBlahScience
“Their first release from their debut EP, Night Reels I, entitled “Children of the Setting Sun,” is a freewheeling groove with killing bass lines and a chorus equipped with lushly and maximally layered falsetto vocals that would impress even Danger Mouse himself.” Impose